China Banking Industry Report - 2014

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China Banking Industry Report - 2014

This report profiles China’s banking industry, covering market data and trends up to May 2014. The report also highlights key leading players including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of Communications and China Merchants Bank.

In 2013, total asset and liabilities of the banking sector increased to RMB 151.4tn and RMB141.2tn, respectively. The number of domestic banking locations increased by about 7,000 annually to reach 209,000 at the end of 2013. Foreign banks experienced slower growth as well as a decline in profitability in their corporate banking businesses in 2013.

Share of non-performing loan of commercial banks decreased in 2013 while the share-holding, city and rural commercial banks saw their share of NPL increased. Capital adequacy ratio of domestic commercial banks declined in 2013, however their core tier 1 capital ratio went up. China started direct trade between its currency and the Great Britain Pound as of June 2014.

Key Points:

• A total of 20 foreign banks are authorized to operate in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone as of April 2014.

• Effective April this year, the reserve requirement ratio of rural commercial banks has been lowered by the central bank.

• The central bank conducted stress test on 17 large local commercial banks and announced the test result in April 2014.

Table of Contents

1. Industry Profile
1.1 Industry Overview
1.2 Economy and Inflation
1.3 Policy Banks
1.4 Foreign Banks

2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 New Loan
2.2 Non-Performing Loan
2.3 Reserve Requirement and Capital Adequacy
2.4 Internationalization of Renminbi

3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leader Players
3.1.1 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co. Ltd.
3.1.2 China Construction Bank Corp.
3.1.3 Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.
3.1.4 Bank of China Ltd.
3.1.5 Bank of Communications Co. Ltd.
3.1.6 China Merchant Bank Co. Ltd.
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 SWOT Analysis

4. Tables and Charts
Table 1: New Loan Growth
Table 2: ICBC Financial Highlights
Table 3: CCB Financial Highlights
Table 4: ABC Financial Highlights
Table 5: BOC Financial Highlights
Table 6: BOCOM Financial Highlights
Table 7: CMB Financial Highlights
Table 8: Selected Peer Comparison of Key Financial Ratios

Chart 1: Number of Banking Institutions
Chart 2: Total Assets of Banking Sector
Chart 3: Banking Assets by Region 2013
Chart 4: Banking Locations by Region 2013
Chart 5: China GDP Annual Growth Rate
Chart 6: Consumer Price Index (Year-on-Year)
Chart 7: Asset of Foreign Banks
Chart 8: 1-Year Short-Term Nominal Lending Rates
Chart 9: Total Loan Amount of the Banking Sector
Chart 10: Non-Performing Loan of Commercial Banks
Chart 11: Non-Performing Loan by Type of Bank 2013
Chart 12: Reserve Requirement Ratios
Chart 13: Commercial Bank Capital Adequacy Ratio
Chart 14: Cross-Border RMB Trade Settlement
Chart 15: ICBC Segment Revenue 2013
Chart 16: CCB Segment Revenue 2013
Chart 17: ABC Segment Revenue 2013
Chart 18: BOC Segment Revenue 2013
Chart 19: BOCOM Segment Revenue 2013
Chart 20: CMB Segment Revenue 2013

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Release Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014