China Insurance Industry Report - H1, 2012

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China Insurance Industry Report - H1, 2012

In these next pages, you will read about current events in the life and development of major service providers in the Chinese insurance industry.

The first part of the report covers the industry size and value and the regulatory developments of the insurance industry. It also provides an overview of the life and non-life insurance segments as well as foreign insurance companies in China.

Part two of the report presents the trends and outlook of the industry which include the automobile insurance, bancassurance, aging population, life expectancy, trend of urbanization, disposable income, savings rate and the country’s diverse and sophisticated customer needs

Five construction companies are discussed in the third part of the report. SWOT analysis, operational highlights, latest financial results and quick facts of each leading company are also included in this section.

Key Points:

• China has further strengthened regulations and consumer protection by requiring insurers to keep the combined ratio of their new and independently developed products below 100%.

• China is stepping up in liberalizing the insurance industry by granting foreign insurers full access to China’s lucrative motor vehicle insurance market. The step is expected to intensify competition and to improve the level of service provided by local insurers.

• Banks have increasingly adopted the emerging bancassurance model, bank-owned insurance company. The common ownership allows both parties to leverage on synergies such as a more integrated work flow, wider business network and established expertise in insurance risk management.

• China’s growing proportion of aging population, rising life expectancy, increasing per capita disposable income in urban households and relatively high savings rate are expected to create and sustain a favorable operating environment for both the local and foreign insurers.

Table of Contents

1. Industry Profile
1.1 Industry Size and Value
1.2 Regulatory Developments of Insurance Industry
1.3 Life Insurance
1.4 Non-life Insurance
1.5 Foreign Insurers

2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Automobile Insurance
2.2 Bancassurance
2.3 Aging Population and Life Expectancy
2.4 Trend of Urbanization
2.5 Disposable Income and Savings Rate
2.6 Diverse and Sophisticated Customer Needs

3. Leading Players
3.1 China Life Insurance Company Limited
3.2 Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Limited
3.3 PICC Property & Insurance Company Limited
3.4 China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company Limited
3.5 New China Life Insurance Company Limited

4. Tables and Charts

Table 1: Insurance Premium Income by Region 2011 (RMB Billion)
Table 2: Top Five Largest Provinces and Municipalities by Premium 2011 (RMB Billion)
Table 3: Top Five Largest Local Life Insurance Companies 2011
Table 4: Top Five Largest Local Non-Life Insurance Companies 2011
Table 5: Top Five Largest Foreign Life Insurance Companies 2011
Table 6: Top Five Largest Foreign Non-Life Insurance Companies 2011

Chart 1: Gross Insurance Premium
Chart 2: Types of Insurance Premium Income 2011 (RMB Billion)
Chart 3: Total Assets of Insurance Industry
Chart 4: Life Insurance Premium
Chart 5: Non-Life Insurance Premium
Chart 6: Number of Motor Vehicle
Chart 7: China's Total Population Projection
Chart 8: Urban Population in China
Chart 9: Per Capita Annual Disposal Income of Urban Households
Chart 10: Gross National Savings

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Release Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012