Indonesia Textile & Garment Industry Report - 2014

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Indonesia Textile & Garment Industry Report - 2014

The textile and garment industry is an important contributor to Indonesia’s economy, serving as a large source for jobs and export earnings. Being one of the largest textiles and apparel producers in the region, the country has a long tradition of producing and exporting ready-made garment and home- fashion textiles. Primary production areas of textile and textile products in Indonesia are located in West Java province. Currently, Indonesia’s textile industry accounts for about 2% share of the global market.

Exports of manufactured goods reached USD 21.92bn in 2013, accounting for about 12% of the country’s total exports in 2013. The export value of textile yarns, fabrics, and made-up articles reached USD 4.64bn in 2013, up slightly from USD 4.55bn a year ago. Meanwhile, the textile, leather products and footwear sectors combined were the fourth largest contributor to the manufacturing industry with a market share of 7.8% for the quarter ending December 2013.

Textile companies across north Asia, especially from South Korea, Taiwan and China, have been making significant investments in Indonesia with the aim of exporting to their home country. These foreign entrants are anticipated to boost total investment in the textile industry to about IDR 6tr, according to Ade Sudrajat, Chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association. The Indonesian government is currently evaluating the possibilities of investment in textile machinery by Japanese and Taiwanese companies.

Key Points:

• The export value of textiles and textile articles reached USD 12.68bn in 2013, up slightly by 1.73% from USD 12.47bn a year ago.

• The textile, leather products and footwear sectors combined were the fourth largest contributor to the manufacturing industry.

• Imports of clothing registered a double digit growth in 2013. The figures in 2013 were more than doubled the USD268.88mn recorded in 2009.

Table of Contents

1. Industry Profile
1.1 Indonesia Textile and Garment Industry
1.2 Industrial Production Index
1.3 Consumer Price Index
1.4 Gross Domestic Product
1.5 Employment
1.6 Industry Performance

2. Market Trend and Outlook
2.1 Export
2.2 Import
2.3 Machinery Restructuring
2.4 Industry Investment
2.5 Market Outlook

3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading Players
3.1.1. PT Pan Brothers Tbk (Pan Brothers)
3.1.2. PT Eratex Djaja Tbk (Eratex)
3.1.3. PT Ever Shine Tex Tbk (Ever Shine)
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 SWOT Analysis

4. Tables and Charts

Table 1: Framework of Textile and Textile Products Industry Development
Table 2: IPI - Manufacturing Industries
Table 3: Consumer Price Index and Growth Rate
Table 4: Consumer Price Index by Expenditure Group: Clothing
Table 5: Clothing Export Value and Volume
Table 6: Garment - Major Customers of Eratex
Table 7: Financial Highlights of the Leading Players
Table 8: Valuation matrix (as on April 16, 2014)

Chart 1: Industrial Production Index Growth Rate (yoy)
Chart 2: Consumer Price Index and Annual Growth Rate
Chart 3: GDP and GNP at Current Price
Chart 4: Quarterly GDP at Current Price
Chart 5: GDP Contribution by Industry
Chart 6: Manufacturing Industry Contribution to GDP by Quarter
Chart 7: Employment by Sector in 2013
Chart 8: Employment in Selected Sectors
Chart 9: Export Value
Chart 10: Composition of Export by Value in 2013
Chart 11: Export Value and Volume of Textile Yarns, Fabrics and Made-Up Articles
Chart 12: Export Value of Textile and Garment Products
Chart 13: Export Value of Apparel
Chart 14: Import Value
Chart 15: Composition of Import by Value in 2013
Chart 16: Imports of Manufactured Goods
Chart 17: Imports of Textile Yarns, Fabrics and Made-Up Articles
Chart 18: Imports of Clothing
Chart 19: Exports and Imports of Textiles and Textile Articles
Chart 20: Projected Investment in Textile, Leather and Footwear Industry
Chart 21: Pan Brothers Exports Market – Pan Brothers
Chart 22: Revenue Breakdown by Geographical Market – Pan Brothers
Chart 23: Revenue Breakdown by Product - Eratex
Chart 24: Revenue Breakdown by Geographical Market - Eratex
Chart 25: Revenue Breakdown by Product – Ever Shine
Chart 26: Revenue Breakdown by Geographical Market – Ever Shine

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