Poland IT Report - 2013

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Poland IT Report - 2013

This report covers the market developments in 2013 and the data available as of May 2014.
The Polish IT market increased by 3.7% y/y to nearly PLN 29bn (EUR 6.9bn) in 2013, slowing down from the 6.9% y/y advance in 2012, yet prospects for the future remain optimistic and Poland ranks among the most attractive IT markets in Europe, with growth expected in the medium run for all segments-hardware, software and services, propped by a more supportive economic environment. EU-funded IT projects are expected to be the main driver for the market’s development.

The hardware segment inched up by merely 0.4% y/y in value terms in 2013 and its share in total market diminished compared to 2012, on the back of the progressing hardware saturation as well as the increasingly long useful life of computer hardware, which translates into lower new purchase volume.

On the other hand, the share of services and software segments in the total IT market strengthened, due to the rising popularity of virtualisation and of the solid position of IT outsourcing.

The e-commerce market continued advancing at double-digit annual pace in 2013, though the growth decelerated to 21% y/y from 23% y/y in 2012, indicating that the market starts showing signs of maturation.

Key points:

• Polish IT market growth is expected to be among most dynamic in Central and Eastern Europe in 2014-2018
• Data back-up as service enjoys rising popularity
• Hardware market inches up 0.4% y/y in 2013, to continue on upward path
• Shares of services and software segments in total IT market strengthen, propped by growing popularity of virtualisation, solid position of IT outsourcing
• E-commerce market continues advancing at double-digit annual pace

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Release Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2014